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About Us

Raising children just got easier! Poo Logix offers guidance and assistance for some of the toughest moments in your child’s life.

Is your child having behavioral issues that you don’t know how to control? We know how to help! Everyone knows that children may have a stage in their lives where they throw tantrums, cry, and get angry at just about anything. We also know how frustrating it can be for parents to try and control their children themselves, so our team can help get your child out of the phase of screaming and shouting and onto the laughing and relaxing.

Sometimes kids and sleep do not really mix well together, especially when it comes to sleeping in their bed alone! Children love sleeping with their parents, and although it may seem adorable when they are younger, if you don’t do something to eliminate it now, when they are older they may never want to sleep alone. We know the ways to help reduce or maybe eliminate co-sleeping all together. Sleeping through the night also an issue? We have strategies that may take time, but in the long run they will be very effective! Poo Logix can do it all whether it is co-sleeping, bedwetting, or trouble sleeping soundly for the whole night, let us help you and your child!