Potty Training Girls

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Potty training is one of those things that you’re either looking forward to the most, or you’re dreading its arrival. Up until now, you’ve probably been up to your neck in diapers and feeling as though there is no end in sight. Luckily, your little girl will be ready to be potty trained sooner than you’d expect. Most experts agree that potty training girls comes sooner than it does for boys. This might be great news for you if you’ve been wondering when the nightmare of constantly changing dirty diapers will end.

When can I begin potty training for girls?

As we mentioned, most experts are in agreeance when it comes to noting the fact that most girls usually potty train earlier than boys. Keep in mind however, just because girls are more likely to be trained sooner than boys, doesn’t mean that this is always the case. It also doesn’t mean that you should try to rush the process by potty training your little girl sooner.

Some children are ready to be potty trained as young as 18 months of age. Don’t worry or feel discouraged if your girl is over the age of 18 months. I recommend starting potty training between 20 months and before 30 months. This is the most ideal time because at this age little girls are able to communicate their needs and attend for longer periods of time. Better attending skills means quicker training! Every child is different. It’s important to take your time and have patience.

What can delay my little girl potty training?

If you feel concerned about when your potty training toddler girl will be completely potty trained and are wondering why she is behind, there could be a couple of explanations. Sometimes it is just simply due to the child’s developmental process. Some children may be fast learners and others make take a little more time. There is nothing wrong with this. Consider some of the things that could be slowing down the learning process for potty training your little girl. Is there a considerable amount of stress in the environment?

Sometimes it can be harder to begin potty training girls if there is a lot of stress involved. It is important to make sure that your child feels comfortable and confident about going to the bathroom on the potty. A few other forms of stress could be that you’ve recently made a big move to a new neighborhood, a new addition to the family, or your daughter is starting preschool. These are major changes in a child’s life and sometimes it can make it hard for them to adjust to learning a completely new concept of using the bathroom on a potty. This is why it might seem a little challenging at first for your child.

What are some tips to help potty training a toddler girl?

The first thing you’ll want to make sure you’re doing is giving your child plenty of encouragement and praise. Children love to see when their mom or dad is happy with something they’ve done. If you make sure that you show them how happy you are that they are learning to use the potty, they are more likely to continue doing it to get the same response from you.

You can try rewarding them with other things as well. Consider giving your daughter her favorite snack or small piece of candy whenever she successfully uses the potty on her own. This works as an incentive for good behavior.

Besides giving candy or snacks as an incentive, you can also try keeping a set routine for her to practice sitting on the potty to use the bathroom. You can start by having her go to the potty every 20 minutes or so. Whatever you feel like will work best for your child. Having and keeping a set routine will allow your child to get accustomed to using the potty regularly. This will also help lessen the frequency of accidents your daughter may have while she’s learning. Timing is everything when it comes to successfully potty training girls.

Another helpful tip you can follow is to invest in a potty that is the right size for your potty training little girl. It may be too difficult to go from having your daughter going to the bathroom in her daiper straight to a full sized toilet. Be sure to purchase a child-sized potty that she can feel like is her own special potty. This will also encourage her to experiment with using the potty, increasing her willingness to learn.

If however, she is determined to use the full size potty, you can always purchase an adapter seat for your regular size toilet. Just be sure that the seat feels comfortable and secure and that it is firmly attached. If you decide to do this method, you’ll more than likely need to buy an accompanying stool so that she can step up to the seat and get down easily whenever she needs to go. The stool will also allow her to stabilize herself in order to push when she is having a bowel movement.

Above all else, be very patient with your child. Never feel as though you need to rush to potty train your girl. They are generally fast learners, so when the time is right for your little girl to learn potty training, it will happen on its own and more than likely be a lot easier than you anticipated.