10 Methods To Potty Train Your Two-Year-Old Girl: Signs Of Readiness & More

Is Your Kid Potty Trained?
August 2, 2018
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10 Methods To Potty Train Your Two-Year-Old Girl: Signs Of Readiness & More

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The Clues

Potty training for girls can be a stressful time as a parent even though it’s said to be easier than potty training a boy. It can be difficult to know when to start training your child and even how to begin training. A couple of signs to look for to determine if your child is ready to begin potty training is if she can follow basic instructions. Another key sign is your child showing interest in using the toilet and getting tired of wearing diapers.

While the exact time to begin potty training varies child to child, most are ready to being training at around eighteen months, but some children don’t become potty trained until they reach the age of three. Why there’s such a large gap between these two ages is based a lot on our attitudes about potty training.

Before beginning potty training, your child should also be able to walk and sit on a toilet as well as able to pull her pants down and pull them back up. If your child can’t do these things, then you should work with them on that before beginning potty training. Another key thing your child should be able to do before is communicate that she has to go.


Of course, we can show you many ptocess to potty training a boy. But now, we will talk about the easy ways to potty trainer a girl. Once you believe that your child shows signs of readiness or has worked on the skills necessary to begin potty training, it can be confusing about where to go from there. Some parents utilize the three day method. This method is intense and involves neither you nor your child leaving the house for three days. The basic idea behind the three method is that for three days you take a diaper off your child and don’t put one back on. The theory behind the three day method is that through having accidents, the child will realize that there is nothing there to catch his or her pee or poo and begin to use the toilet.

A more traditional method of potty training takes longer, but is more commonly adopted by parents. Taking your time potty training can be less stressful on you and your child. When potty training your child, it is very important to have patience. Getting mad or frustrated with your child will not speed the process up. Implementing a reward system can often help with potty training your child.

Often times a parent will give a child a piece of candy or a small toy for going to the bathroom on the toilet. Sometimes a book like “Everybody Poops” can also help your child to become potty trained. If you need additional assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us at PooLogix, your local potty training professionals!

Poo Logix understands the best method to potty trainer your children. We can teach your our process to potty trained, and you will find them very useful.


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Poo Logix

Poo Logix gives help to parents who have difficulty potty training their children. We understand that many parents may face this struggle, and we see it every day! But do not fret, because it is not a problem, and we are here to help you. We handle various toddler potty training problems all the time. We always get general questions like “when should a kid be potty train”, so contact us today and we will help you with all your questions and concerns.


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Our company is dedicated solely to making your life easier. We understand that some children may be difficult to potty trained. Considering the fact that no two children are equally alike, there is absolutely no problem with your child learning to potty training later than their counterparts. Contact us for more information about what we do and how we do it. We can be reached by phone at (818)-634-1163, or by email at Diana@Poo-Logix.com. We look forward to speaking with you, and we look forward to helping you in assisting your child with taking their next step towards growing up.

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