Initiating Your Toddler’s Potty Training Journey

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Helpful Potty Train Tips for Boys
May 1, 2018
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Initiating Your Toddler’s Potty Training Journey


Many parents wait for signs that their child is ready to potty train rather than initiating the process. However, by waiting, you may be undermining their maturity level and missing out on the opportunity to get a head start.

The longer you wait, the more you delay the chances of changing your toddler’s habits. They become resistant to the idea of transitioning out of diapers and would rather challenge your authority.

As they grow up, children reach a phase where they can be opinionated and will do the opposite of what you ask on purpose. You can avoid this by introducing the potty early on, almost as a heads-up, so they know what to expect and can look forward to their newfound independence.

Studies show that diapers can easily become a force of habit which doesn’t require the attention of anyone other than whoever is responsible for changing it. Toddlers will start to miss the signals for when they need to go potty because they are accustomed to the diaper.

They will develop self-control and realize their capabilities. Some have noticed how potty training can promote social skills and increase self-esteem as their child starts to gain confidence.

These psychological perks can translate into financial gain as well. For those that spend hundreds of dollars on diapers, there will be a noticeable difference in your wallet and accompanying wipes and creams.

Cost can even affect daycare prices and selection, in which added fees may apply for children whose diapers need to be changed frequently. Additionally, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find a daycare that accepts children that are not yet potty trained.

To kick start the process, contact our team at Poo Logix to help you understand the process so you can appreciate the transition and all of the benefits of having a potty trained toddler.

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