Is Your Kid Potty Trained?

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Is Your Kid Potty Trained?


When in the midst of potty training your child, it can be difficult what to tell other people. Maybe your child has gone months without an accident, maybe it’s only been a few weeks. It can be anxiety-inducing for parents when asked the questions, “Is your child potty trained?” Oftentimes, good communication can help mitigate any errors in communications. One possible answer is “On Good Days.” This can be true for a lot of kids when they are potty training who may be ok to go most of the time, but still occasionally have accidents. Sometimes it may be better to just say yes or no, depending on where your child is with potty training.

Once you’ve started potty training your child, it can be difficult to know when you’re finally finished. On average, it can be a difficult thing, especially for boys. If you are potty training a boy, it takes on average two months longer than it does if you are potty training for boys. Throughout the process of potty training it is important to remain patient. It’s not something that your child will master in a matter of just a couple of weeks.

At times, it is possible that your child may begin to regress and want to go back to wearing diapers even after months of potty training. If this begins to happen, it is recommended that you remain patient. You should try to be empathetic and realize that your child may not like change, especially change in something he or she has been doing their whole lives.

If your child is having extreme difficulties with potty training or regression, you may have started potty training too early. While some children are ready to begin potty training as soon as eighteen months, for some it can be much later sometimes even as late as their third birthdays. Oftentimes, it is said to be easier to potty train your child if they show an interest in it. If they show an interest in the toilet and wearing grown up underwear.

Your child should also be able to do things like sit still and listen to basic instructions before you begin potty training them. Many parents recommend waiting until your child shows an interest in it before you begin. This may mean that you wait longer to begin potty training your child, but the process may go a lot smoother for you.

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