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Raising children just got easier! PooLogix offers guidance and assistance for some of the toughest moments in your child’s life.


Potty Training

Available for children of any age who need help going the bathroom on their own, instead of using a diaper! Includes 2-3 days of training with written advice and procedures.

Potty training is definitely not something easy that can be done in the matter of an hour. Sometimes, it may be too hard for a parent to do without the help of a professional, so PooLogix is here to help. Here at PooLogix, we have a team who can help your baby be trained and ready to go in the toilet and not in the diaper.


Some ways we can help you are:

  • In person, over the phone, or remote consulting
  • 2 to 3 day in person consulting
  • Step by step guidance
  • Individualized written procedures
  • Assistance throughout the entire process for questions that may arise

Potty Training Experts

Enrollment for our potty trainer program is now open so you can say sayonara to diapers once and for all! The program is available for children of any age who need help going the bathroom on their own. Our average program includes 2 to 3 days of potty training, complete with written advice and best practices for training your child. Potty training doesn’t happen overnight, which can make it frustrating and difficult for parents to handle. Potty trainer boys can be especially difficult. We feel your pain, which is why we’re here to help you learn how to potty train! As parents, we sometimes think we need to do everything ourselves. The truth is, it’s okay to seek guidance from a trained professional. Calling on the help of the experts at PooLogix is a sound decision when hoping to potty training a child. The PooLogix team is here for both parent and baby, we want your son or daughter to be potty trained and ready to go. This means no more accidents, no more embarrassing trips to the bathroom, and best of all, no more diapers.

Individualized Potty Training

At PooLogix, we understand that not every family is different. Some parents may need to specifically focus on potty training boys while other children may be using a training potty, but mom and dad would love if she used the big girl toilet. That’s why we offer a wide variety of different options, tailored to your needs. PooLogix offers potty training in-person, over the phone, or through remote consulting. We recommend that in-person potty trainer be done in 2-3 consecutive days. We offer step by step guidance with individualized written procedures when teaching you how to potty train so that when you’re on your own you’ll have the same success rate as we have! Our experts don’t stop, we offer assistance throughout the entire potty training process in case you have any questions that may arise along your journey to a diaper free life.


A Sense of Independence

Toilet independence and potty training are huge achievements for children. It’s a milestone in both child development and parenting! Learning how to potty train your child properly makes everything in your daily life easier, but more importantly gives your child a huge sense of confidence and self worth. Independence in the bathroom is one of the first steps toward daily self-help skills. Potty train is also a necessary skill for children to master before entering the classroom setting.

What Age Should I Start Potty Training?

The Poo Logix team understands that potty trainer your toddler may be the hardest obstacle you both will have to overcome. Many parents ask the question “what age do I start potty training”? Poo Logix has found that the best way to know when your child is ready to begin potty train is to follow your child’s guidance. Since each child is different, this will help you understand when your child may be ready to start training on the potty. Your child is most likely ready to begin potty trainer if he or she is engaging in the following:

  • Is able to understand simple one-step directions
  • Is able to dress and undress himself/herself
  • Can run and climb easily
  • Has a dry diaper after nap time
  • Has a dry diaper for at least 2 hours during the day
  • Expresses interest in using the training potty or toilet
  • Shows interest in their bowel movement


  • Initiates training potty or toilet behavior
  • Dislikes wet or soiled diapers
  • Informs you when they have urinated
  • Informs you when having a bowel movement

A Few Potty Training Tips To Help Along The Way

While raising children, many parents look forward to finally being able to potty train so that they can walk right past the diaper aisle! However, learning how to potty train, and then actually potty trainer can seem like a major undertaking. There are also those pesky differences between potty training boys and potty train girls, which can make the entire potty train process seem a little overwhelming. At Poo Logix we strive to be a guiding light to the entire family as you move through this monumental stage of life!


Girls!! The Equipment She Needs

If you’re ready to begin potty training your little girl, you’ll first want to start by having the necessary equipment. A training potty chair is ideal. This will allow her feet to touch the floor so that she can relax her pelvic muscles. Every family is different, so if you decide to stick with an adult toilet, you’ll want to purchase a step stool to set in front of the toilet. This will help her to accomplish the same relaxation of the pelvic muscles and make potty
training a breeze.

Potty Training Position

In the beginning stages of potty train, the best way to position your daughter is to have her sit all the way back on the seat, so that everything is over the training potty opening. Encourage her to sit with her knees apart as this is another way to help relax her pelvic muscles. Helping with relaxation is the best way to train a child.


Her Toilet Tactics

When your little achiever is ready, be sure to teach her to wipe or pat from front to back. If she’s having trouble achieving the goal of going on the potty, be sure to keep her entertained as she sits. This can be done with stickers, music, or books that you keep by her training potty.


Boys!! The Equipment He Needs

Just as girls need their equipment, boys need equipment for their, um, equipment! One of the biggest mistakes a parent makes when potty training toddler is trying to start them off by standing. What you’ll actually want him to do is to use a training potty chair, just as you would for a girl. The fact of the matter is that he is not ready to stand and aim quite yet. If you choose to use the adult toilet when potty train boys, you’ll want to reference our tip above and pick up a step stool.

Potty Training Positioned

Remember, in the beginning stages of potty trainer for boys you’ll want to start with him sitting down. When he is sitting, have him push his private down before he sits to avoid scraping on the splash guard. Once you get a little further along in potty training your boy, you can start to have him stand. When standing, be sure to position him with feet about shoulder width apart directly in front of the potty.

Why Poo Logix?

Poo Logix cares about helping parents who are feeling overwhelmed during their potty trainer journey with their children. We’ve worked countless hours to be able to call ourselves experts in the potty train field. Since we’ve worked with so many families, we already know what works and what doesn’t work for potty training boys and potty train girls. The guesswork is completely taken out of the entire potty trainer experience, so you can enjoy a stress free life and spend the fun parts of the day with your child. Time again, we’ve been here to support our families through the potty training journey. There is light at the end of the tunnel, and it looks like confidence, happiness, and no more diapers!.

There Is No One Size Fits All To Potty Training

Potty training is a different experience for every child, therefore so is every potty training method. Poo Logix will custom create an individualized potty train plan based on your child’s personality, experience, and lifestyle. Our goal is to develop the best potty training plan for the child while supporting the parents and family during the potty training process.


Potty Train Just Got Easier

For some children the process of potty train is quick and painless, but for other children it may seem a little daunting and take a little longer. The Poo Logix team is here to make sure this stage of parenting is stress-free and runs smoothly. Remember to take the potty train journey one day at a time. Know that there will be setbacks along the way, and it’s okay. Many parents are experiencing the exact same things you are when potty training. We are here to help you through each step along the way. With our unparalleled expertise, and wealth of potty train knowledge your child will be on his or her way to pottying independently in no time. Don’t just take our word for it, do what thousands of parents in your position have done and give us a call today!

Behavior Consulting

Is your child having behavioral issues that you don’t know how to control?
We know how to help! Everyone knows that children may have a stage in their lives where they throw tantrums, cry, and get angry at just about anything. We also know how frustrating it can be for parents to try and control their children themselves, so our team can help get your child out of the phase of screaming and shouting and onto the laughing and relaxing.


Some ways we can help:

  • In home or in school consultation
  • Assistance managing and reducing challenging behaviors such as tantrums, aggression, off task behavior, non compliance
  • Increasing skills such as language, daily living skills, self help skills, and social skills to prepare for school transitions
  • Establishing strategies for teaching & reinforcing positive behavior

The Behavioral Expert

Poo Logix provides a wide range of services for children with behavioral needs. The services we provide are individualized to meet the unique needs of the children, families, and communities we serve. We understand the needs of our clients; we pride ourselves on designing programs to reduce challenging behaviors as well as programs to teach new skills and address skill deficits. We use various assessments in our trial behavior consultation to create a highly individualized intervention plan.

What Are Social Skills

Social skills are communication, problem-solving, decisions making, self-help skills, and peer relations abilities that allows a child to initiate, build, and maintain positive social relationships with others.


Four Reasons Why Kids are Socially Unskilled


  • They do not know another way to re(act) other than their present way or present pattern of behavior.
  • They know cognitively other ways to behave, but did not have enough practice to display the competently.
  • They tried another way, but it did not work for them the first time(s) they tried it, they then assumed that it would never work for them.
  • Tension and anxiety interfere with the ability to perform the practiced behavior well.

What Is Social Skill Training

At Poo Logix, we understand that some kids don’t have social skills. “Social Skills Training” is generally a term for instruction conducted in behavioral areas promoting more productive/positive interaction with others. We render our services to kids who are currently socially unskilled to promote more productive and positive interactions with others.

What Does Social Skill Training Include

Manners and Positive Interactions With Others

  • How to approach others in socially acceptable ways
  • How to ask for permission vs. acting impulsively
  • How to make and keep friends
  • How to share toys and materials

Appropriate Classroom Behavior

  • Work habits and academic skills
  • Social skills
  • Listening
  • Focusing on the task at hand
  • Following directions
  • Seeking attention the proper way
  • Accepting the consequences of one’s behavior

Better Ways Handling Frustration and Anger

  • Counting to 10 before reacting
  • Distracting oneself to a pleasurable task
  • Learning internal dialog to cool oneself down and reflect on the best course of action

Acceptable Ways to Resolve Conflicts With Others

  • Using words instead of physical contact
  • Seeking assistance to resolve the issue

It May Seem Impossible

Sometimes, it may seem impossible to make it throughout the day. We understand when your child’s problem behaviors continually spiral out of control, and your attempts to discipline fall short, it’s not unusual to feel helpless. Everyday family pleasures can quickly turn into a struggle. But at Poo Logix, we know that with every child’s behavioral difficulties, there is hope. When hiring Poo Logix for your child’s behavioral consulting, we are confident in our knowledge and professional staff to provide the steps to understand what is needed for making a change. Poo Logix behavior consulting services can take the mystery out of the “behavioral intervention” and put managing your child’s behavior back in your control.

Building A Bridge

Our consultants will take an in-depth look at difficult behaviors such as tantrums, refusal to follow directions, self-injurious behavior, and aggression. We work to understand the purpose of the behavior and then build bridges to positive alternatives for your child. We understand how difficult it may be for parents when their child’s behaviors are challenging. This is why we’ll work with you to create a realistic, practical way in helping your child change.

Developing Positive Behaviors

Throughout this process, we base our approaches on your child’s specific strengths. Working from your child’s perspective, we’ll work with you to create ways to help your child to learn accountability, self-control and greater independence in their daily living skills while managing a wide range of challenges.

Creating Practical Approaches

Poo Logix, we understand that you have a busy life and are in need of practical solutions. We’ll base our approaches on your parenting style and will work with you to develop a plan that fits the realities of your family’s life. With sound advice and realistic solutions, a Poo Logix consultant will assist your family to guide your child towards new, positive behaviors.


Behaving Just Got Easier

For some children, behaving comes quickly, but for other children, it can be difficult. The Poo Logix team is here to make sure this stage of parenting is stress-free and runs smoothly. Remember, taking your child’s behavioral issues one step at a time. Know that there will be setbacks along the way, and it’s okay, many parents are experiencing the same things you are. We are here to help you through each step along the way. With our unparalleled expertise, and wealth of behavioral knowledge your child will be on his or her way in no time. Don’t just take our word for it, do what thousands of parents in your position have done and give us a call today!


Sleep Consulting

Sometimes kids and sleep do not really mix well. Children love sleeping with their parents, and although it may seem adorable when they are younger, if you don’t do something to eliminate it now, when they are older they may never want to sleep alone. We know the ways to help reduce or maybe eliminate co-sleeping all together. Sleeping through the night also an issue? We have strategies that may take time, but in the long run they will be very effective! PooLogix can do it all whether it is co-sleeping, bedwetting, or trouble sleeping soundly for the whole night, let us help you and your child!

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